Friday 07, 12:45 hCine Amor45 min.

Young Programmers is a pilot project that aims to involve the youngest public through education. The goal is for them to choose the MINIFICA section, choose the works to be exhibited, and therefore make this area of the festival a proposal made by them and for them.

This year we have started with Young Filmmakers, an initiative of an educational nature carried out with centers in the region, which aims to bring the cinema closer to the classrooms and to choose the selection team of Young Programmers. The winning group of this edition, young programmers 2018 have been the students of Plastic and Audiovisual Education of 3rd ESO of IESO Montaña Palentina from Cervera de Pisuerga.They have been responsible for selecting the short films that will be shown in this section.

Students: Brian Aguado, Nicolás Carcedo, Lucía Fernández, Carmen Fernández, Mario Galán, Altagracia Gómez, Alber Gutiérrez, Ruth Revilla and María Roldán.

Salomé Bertolone-López, Maxime Dartois, Marjorie Grinda, Zoé Guillet, Alissa Mazouz, Rébecca Wahlerx • France • 7min. • 2018

Once upon a time there was a dairy cow who had never seen the world beyond his farm. One day, with the help of a little squirrel from the woods, she will discover the wonders of a whole other life.

Léo Brunel, Loris Cavalier, Camille Jalabert, Oscar Mallet • France • 6min. • 2018

The two best rescuers in the region fly for another mission. Professionalism and efficiency are on the agenda, however, not everything goes according to plan …

Thomas Anglade, Maxime Announ, Lucie Dessertine, Estelle Saint-Jours • France • 4min. • 2018

Sergio, an old and lonely fisherman, takes out the heavy artillery to avenge a pelican.

Han Yang & Basil Malek • France • 7min. • 2018

In a world of drought, an old man spends his days collecting drops of water to quench the thirst of a dead tree.

Ignas Meilunas • Lituania • 2min. • 2016

Why is the night changing the day? Well, when you don’t like something, you change it.

David Sandell • Sweden • 3min. • 2017

A short film about a pair of scissors trying to escape from a kitchen.

Florian Brauch, Matthieu Pujol, Kim Tailhades, Yohan Thireau, Romain Thirion • France • 6min. • 2017

A prodigious work of fantastic speculation about postnature. What would be the laws of survival in a marine life evolved from adaptation to extreme pollution?

Anissa Beddiaf, Edwige Bellin Du Coteau, Lucie Fillon, Perrine Lemonnier, Zacharia Mekideche, Léa Mouraud, Armelle Roy • France • 5min. • 2018

Two eccentric nuns arrive late at the Holy Mass and get expelled from the service. While doing a cleaning chore as punishment, they accidentally break a valuable liturgical object.

Nazli Doale, Dimitri James, Quang Daniel La, Jade Baillargeault, Morgane Lau, Mélanie Pango, Manon Pringault • France • 5min. • 2018

In a dark subway tunnel, a group of mice find a gold ring-pull that seems to have a mysterious effect on one of them.Not so far from them, an owl and his enslaved rats are watching