Thursday 06, 11:00 hCine Amor45 min.
Kjell Boersma • Canada • 12min. • 2017

It’s the tale of Kit, a very independent (and easily distracted) young beaver who loves to explore the sounds of the forest she lives in. During her adventures, Kit teaches her clan about the value of working with others and she learns that progress can come in many forms.

Anastasiya Jakulina • Rusia • 4min. • 2017

You never know how the day ends. And even the ordinary walk to have some bread and pastry terms to a real journey.

Rut Juan Mompó • Spain • 5min. • 2018

Margarito is a thirsty fly about to die on a hot day. With a damaged wing and unable to fly you see a drop of water in the mouth of a carnivorous plant.

Jeremy Collins, Kelly Dillon • Sudáfrica • 5min. • 2017

Persistence pays off when an unashamed young girl leaning to dive is unperturbed by a talented diver who steals the spotlight.

Kolja Saksida • Eslovenia • 3min. • 2018

Koyaa wakes up to a new day. He tries putting on a warm pair of socks, but there’s a problem – they keep running away and hiding. Koyaa manages to catch one. Can he catch the other one too?

Alba Medinyà Barnadàs, Arturo Lacal, Georgina Díaz Santiago, Vanessa Alexandra Mata Da Silva • España • 7min. • 2017

A girl who travels by subway meets a new friend in a compromising situation. The trip will become a game that can separate them forever.

Tsuneo Goda • Japan • 9min. • 2018

A story about two friends living on Yummy Island, where delicious food can be found everywhere! Whenever Mogu is cooking, Perol just pops up and eats the yummy meal. One day Perol finds a very tasty looking Brrrr-berry that Mogu was about to pick.