Wednesday 05, 11:00 hCine Amor47 min.
Anni Nykänen • Finland • 4min. • 2017

Cooking can be difficult at times.

Aitor Herrero Herrero, Raul Colomer • Spain • 4min. • 2018

On Christmas Eve, a girl is alone, when she finally receives the expected visit from Santa Claus, with the purpose of delivering gifts. However, the gift he wants is not the gift that Santa has brought her.

Karolina Specht • Polonia • 5min. • 2018

In a perpetual movement, the forms move, intersect and overlap. But if behind these forms, did the someone hide? Square meets Rond, which alters his routine.

Gaspare Savio Lo Vacco, Juan Velásquez, Ferrán Viura, Giovanni Aguilar • Spain • 2min. • 2017

Two brothers start a war of sounds tryng to be more noisy than each other.

Vicente Mallols • Spain • 5min. • 2018

Bita and Cora are two adventurous friends who travel in a special ship throughout the universe, exploring new planets, satellites and asteroids, until they reach a new planet: Pruna, there they will meet the Elms.

N. Liguori, A. Demuynck • France-Belgium • 27min. • 2017

During a trip, a troubadour learns that there is a kingdom where it is forbidden to play music to his subjects. He meets Elitte, who was imprisoned by his parents for this crime. And join forces to rebel.