Friday 07, 12:00 hCine Amor30 min.
Nora Marie Bac • Germany • 2min. • 2017


A short story about a flea who has to learn how to share food.

Sine Aaroe Juhl • Dinamarc • 4min. • 2017

A history about the life´s evolution and acceptance. From the moment the first dinosaur is included with a feather, and you have to fight to fit in between the other dinosaurs.

Uzi Geffenblad • Sweden • 9min. • 2018

How nice it would be to not feel alone. All others: squirrels, snails, dragonflies and earthworms have companions. But Betty has a fishing rod, and an idea.

Julia Ocker • Germany • 4min. • 2017

The lion must get fit. The gazelle does not think he is capable of doing so.

Adam Marko-Nord • Sweden • 6min. • 2016

A flying hippo looks for the nearest pond. A fish fleeing from a shark. A koala that wants to jump like kangaroos, and a noisy crowd of elephants at a party …

Maria Koneva • Rusia • 2018min. • 5

A Zebra finds she is completely alone in a world where everyone has a partner. So she searches for her love, despairs but finally finds another Zebra. These two match each other perfectly in their abstract love dance.