Tuesday 26, 22:41
From 4 to 13 December
• 54 min.
Wen-Ju Chow
Taiwan, USA
4 min.

It’s a story about a hedgehog who doesn’t have spikes but tries to fit into other normal hedgehogs.
This animation attempts to describe what it’s like to have a highly sensitive personality.
I want people who have a sensitive personality to know that there are people in the world like you, and you are not alone.

Uli Seis
2 min.

Glorious sunshine and a light breeze – a perfect day for a balloon ride! What began as a brilliant idea turns into a perilous adventure as a close shave with a sharp mountain top is followed by the appearance of the wearisome wolf Wolfgang.

Hervé Bacquet
7 min.

This animated film draws on different types of traces left by generations of bell ringers who inscribed their names in the lookout room of Chartres Cathedral. But this place also contains the traces of time and the memory of the movements of the bell-ringers that we imagine : the flow of their breathing, shortness of breath, apnea, the games of irregular swings.

The images are a sort of daydream, a journey through the memory of this place, a way of exploring the living dimension of the cathedral.

Guendalina Vannini
5 min.

When a girl walks out of her house, objects come to life. Some coins are followed by a purse, dices have a fight among themselves, a thirsty glass looks for some water. Those objects try to live their lives dealing with all this Tiny Matters.

Hervé Bressaud
9 min.

Caught up in the pace of city life, a city dweller sees his daily routine shaken up when he meets a weird bird at the bottom of his building. Then he discovers the existence of an unexpected urban biodiversity and he shares his discovery with inhabitants of his district…

Belinda Bonan
6 min.

After living a peaceful life on his small planet, the lonely Nono must deal with the visit of a new being, that will make him realize that after all they are not as different as they seem.