Countryside 4 / Other sections

Tuesday 28, 5:36
From 4 to 13 December
• 57 min.
David G. Ferreiro
7 min.

Riaño takes us to a present lived through their past, a non-place that is still in their memories, a present life, with a past drowned life.

Vanessa del Campo
Belgium, Spain
20 min.

Astronauts in the desert of Oman. Or is it Mars? With a cast of Bedouins who were once nomads, ships crossing the desert, two space-mad teenagers and a bunch of newly arrived astronauts, Marte, Omán looks at humans’ fascination with the immensity of the universe and raises questions about exploration, colonialism and freedom.

Marta Solano
30 min.

Countrywomen is a trip to the invisible reality found in the frontier of the rural world, where the life of the women is ruled by the pace of the cattle and the housekeeping duties. Strong, brave women, who are able to take care of everything. Women struggling in the green pastures of Cantabria.