Countryside 3

Tuesday 28, 7:15
From 4 to 13 December
• 56 min.
Mara Cerri, Magda Guidi
Italy, France
8 min.

A boy looks for his cat along a river. He will not find it. He’s about to die, and has moved away from everything to find intimacy. The child arrives at the doors of time, where the dead disappear, and the living let them go. The child is afraid, he enters a forest of symbols and memories. He grows up. His illusions of children dissolve and mingle with the landscape.

Carolina Fuentealba
23 min.

In a small house, in the middle of impossing Patagonia, lives Casimira (80), a woman of friendly look who spends her days in the middle of different tasks in the field. Her daily life is hard and she must ask for help for some tasks, but in spite of everything she will keep her independence with conviction and she will start a final challenge.

Javi Espárrago
7 min.

The Forest Sky proposes to rethink the idea of traveling. To distance it from remoteness and to relate it to closeness. It suggests looking differently at what we have nearby, to value it more.
For this the author enters his father’s working day-to-day, to see how and where he works.
A natural world, his dog and a possible love letter.

Aleksandar Vujović
Montenegro, Albania, Italy
16 min.

Rainbow is a film that recounts, through the main character’s memory, an event from his early childhood that determined his life’s calling. He embarks on a journey with his father, as a boy of less than six years old, where he experiences a magical moment. Thought that moment he realizes his life vocation, which would direct him to the call of the artist, whom he later became.