Countryside 2

Tuesday 28, 7:03
From 4 to 13 December
• 54 min.
Aliaksei Paluyan
Belarus, Germany, Spain
30 min.

In a small Belarusian village where time seems to stand still, Jasja, a 9-year-old girl, has to deal with her mother‘s death. Her father decides to send her to an orphanage. But one day she decides to run away, home.

Maria Giménez Cavallo
France, Spain, Italy
12 min.

Between the equinox and the solstice, the sheep prepare for the summer pastures by shedding their wool coats. At the farm “L’Agneau des garrigues” in Issanka, tiny Jeanne discovers the yearly tradition of sheep shearing. The village festivities announce spring’s arrival with a song on the boudègue, a bagpipe made out of goat skin. Traditions are thus kept alive in the Hérault region. This short documentary shows a day on a sheep farm in the south of France, exploring the relationship between human beings and nature. Children and animals play together while the shepherds tend their flocks, all in perfect harmony.

Carlos Felipe Montoya
12 min.

Diego lives with his father in a house without things, without furniture, without anything. One day he finds a chair deep in the woods and desire of possession arises.