Past, present and future are conjugated in this edition.

It is inevitable to look back and see the path we have traveled to get here. Thousands of anecdotes, stories and people who were part of the Festival and together they build this great family that is FICA. A journey of 30 years that reminds us that there is no impossible dream if we really believe in it.

The present has arrived. In it we find a FICA in full maturity, with identity and strength, with a renewed image and keeping its essence as the most outstanding cultural event of the year; national weight festival and a fundamental reference in the world of short films. A work of 30 tangible years in each projection, each gathering and each activity of the programming.

The future looks promising. This optimism is born from the very essence of FICA, which is intact, with more strength and feeling than ever. This heart that gives life is the people, who with their work and support make it possible that, edition after edition, Culture and Cinema arrive with all their magic.

Because 30 years are everything and they are nothing. They are half a life of experiences and memories, which become nothing if we compare them with the stories, projects, evenings, smiles and friends that are to come.

So, as old Alfredo said, “Whatever you do, love it, as you loved the Paradiso cabin when you were a child“. Likewise, even if memories and nostalgia visit us -from 30 years of stories, experiences and friends we will continue to work with the same passion, love and enthusiasm of that child who sees the world from the movie theater.

Jorge Sanz Pulido
Director 30 FICA