Opening session

Friday 4, december, 20:00h. presented by Gemma Vicente

presentation the
Águila de oro 2020
the director
pedro almódovar

Opening session 32 Aguilar Film Festival

At this session you can also see…

Álvaro Sánchez García
27 min.

Rosi has a handmade jams in town with her husband.
She is an energetic and optimistic person who is caught in a routine of boredom and monotony in her marriage. When Amelia, a woman from the city, breaks into town, everything will change for her.

Ramón Catà
2 min.

Pictures After the Apocalypse is an experimental animated short film. The short tells us about a world where human beings are no longer or have ceased to exist. We only see objects or landscapes that have been abandoned and that have lost their meaning or usefulness.