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Swallow the Universe

Swallow the Universe

Tuesday 7, 20:00 pm
Cine Amor
• 64 min.


The grandiloquent blood-and-thunder saga of a young child lost in Manchuria’s deep jungles. His sudden presence creates complete anarchy in the fauna’s primitive world, which was until-then perfectly organized.

Festivals and awards

Annecy International Animation Film Festival (France) 2021
Concorto Film Festival (Italy) - L'etrange festival, Paris (France) 2021
Weird Market, Segovia (Spain) 2021
Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia (Spain) 2021
FILMETS Badalona Film Festival (Spain) 2021
Sedicicorto International Film Festival, Forlì (Italy) 2021
Animest, Bucharest (Romania) 2021
Imagine Science Film Festival, New York (USA) 2021
Armagnac Short Film Festival, Condom (France) 2021
Villeurbanne Short Film Festival (France) 2021
Uppsala Short Film Festival (Villeurbanne) 2021
REX Animation Film Festival, Stockholm (Villeurbanne) 2021
Balkanima, Belgrade (Serbia) - Animatou, Geneva (Switzerland) 2021
Utopiales, Nantes (France) - BitBang, Buenos Aires (Argentina) 2021
Spark Animation, Vancouver (Canada) 2021
Curta Cinema, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) 2021
San Sebastian Horror and Fantasy Film Festival (Spain) 2021
Festival Tous Courts, Aix en Provence (France) 2021
Emile Reynaud Award (France) 2021
French Animation Film Festival, Rennes (France) 2022


He is a perversionist artist persecuted by animal defensors and Hare Krishnas. His films and performances are insane experiments and experiences.


Carlitopolis (2006)
Viking Nightmare (2012)
50 Kisses (2014)
Heartless Sweetheart (2015)

Production company: Autour de Minuit
Production: Nicolas Schmerkin
Script: Nieto
Direction: Nieto
Sound: Bruno Seznec
Music: Marco Suarez-Cifuentes
Distribution: Autour de Minuit