Bases 36 Aguilar Film Festival 2024

1. General regulations and sections

Se convoca la 36ª edición del Aguilar Film Festival. Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes de Aguilar de Campoo 2024, que se celebrará en Aguilar de Campoo entre los días 29 de Noviembre y 7 de Diciembre de 2024.

La participación está abierta a todos los cortometrajes españoles e internacionales producidos y realizados a partir del 1 de enero de 2022.

The duration cannot be longer than 35 minutes (including credits).

All genres (fiction, animation, documentary, experimental), themes and original filmmaking formats are accepted. todos los géneros (ficción, animación, documental, experimental), temáticas y formatos originales de realización.

Short films in competition must not have been submitted in previous editions of the festival.

Las obras serán presentadas por una persona, organización o empresa que ostente los derechos sobre ellas o que le represente legalmente.

La persona que presente obras a concurso se responsabilizará de realizar los pagos de derechos de autor que generen sus obras.

2. Online submissions and fees

El plazo de inscripción se abrirá el día 1 de enero de 2024 y se cerrará el 15 de septiembre de 2024.

Para participar en el 36º Aguilar Film Festival 2023 las obras deberán inscribirse a través de las plataformas oficiales del festival:

The following registration fees are established to be paid by the participants:

Regular Period: from March 20th to August 16th: 3 €.
Extended period: from 17th August to 15th September: 6 €.

For the consideration of their works, participants will provide the platforms with viewing copies of their works in their original version. In the event that the language of the work is different from Spanish, it will be presented with subtitles in Spanish or, failing that, in English.


The Selection Committee, made up of professionals from the world of audiovisual arts and the organisation, will be in charge of selecting the works for the different sections of the festival.

The organisation will notify the final result of the selection by e-mail to the contact person.

If a work is selected, the organisation will contact the representative to request all the necessary material.

The screening copy of the selected works will be sent within the period and in the form requested by the organisation. In any case, it will be sent on-line.

The projection format will be digital. The technical characteristics are:

Container: .mov / mepg 4 H264 or Apple ProRess 442
Resolution: Full HD (1920×1080)
Audio: Stereo AAC

The screening copies of the selected works will be sent in their original version. In case the language is different from Spanish, it will be presented with subtitles in this language or the dialogue list will be sent in English (preferably in .srt format).

Copies of the selected films may be used in limited screenings for the selection committee and in the Festival's list of winners organised by the festival, always for cultural and non-profit-making purposes, with prior notification to the producers of the use to be made of them.

The selected films will be screened at the times and places listed in the programme and on the festival's official website (, it being assumed that the participants authorise these screenings from the moment they register for the Festival.

Express authorisation will be requested for online broadcasting through the festival's official platforms in the event that they also opt for this modality. Acceptance of participation in an online format is not obligatory in order to participate in the on-site version of the festival.

With the registration of a work and the consequent acceptance of these rules, the owners of the works selected to participate in competitive sections grant the Festival the right to screen these works -always for exclusively cultural and non-commercial purposes- throughout the year and a half following the Festival in the different extraordinary activities held outside the official week, whose purpose is the promotion of the festival.

In any case, these possible screenings will always be notified to the owner of the work and will always be free of charge for the public.

4. Sections

El Aguilar Film Festival 2024 contará con las siguientes secciones:

  • Official Competition (International Competition)
  • De Campo (International Competition)
  • MiniAguilar (International Competition)
  • Castilla y León
  • Parallel sections

4.1. Official Competition

International and Spanish* short films will compete in the Official Competition on equal terms, and all of them are eligible for the Official Competition prizes listed below.

The organisers will also cover the accommodation expenses of the representatives of the selected films in a single room, at least on the day of the screening.

The Official Competition will have its own specific International Jury, which will award the corresponding prizes independently from the rest of the sections.

(*) Spanish short films are considered to be all Spanish productions, co-productions in which the Spanish participation is greater than 40% and those works directed by Spanish filmmakers, even if they have been produced by other countries.

4.2. De Campo Competition (Countryside)

De Campo is a competition open to Spanish and international works whose subject matter deals with rural, ethnographic and landscape aspects, the relationship between the individual and the territory and the relationship between the countryside and the city.

The other admission criteria for this section are the same as those set out in the general considerations.

Works also considered for the Official Section, Castilla y León and MiniAguilar may participate in this section if they meet the thematic criteria and the organisers deem it appropriate.

De Campo will have its own specific Jury, which will award the corresponding prizes independently from the rest of the sections.

4.3. Castilla y León

This competition is open to all works that meet at least one of the following requirements:

  • Be directed or produced by a person born in Castilla y León.
  • It must have been filmed in a substantial part or in its entirety in Castilla y León.
  • It must be produced by a production company based in Castilla y León.
  • Be directed or produced by a person who has resided for five consecutive or seven alternate years in Castilla León.

Films that meet any of the above-mentioned requirements and have been selected in the Official Section, De Campo or MiniAguilar competitions are also eligible for this award.

The entry form must state that the short film is eligible for the Castilla y León Award and accredit this condition if the organisation so requires.

The Castilla y León Section will have its own specific Jury, which will award the corresponding prizes independently from the rest of the sections.


Within the Aguilar Film Festival, the Children and Youth Short Film Competition (MiniAguilar 2023) is announced.

The general admission requirements are the same as for the works in the other sections and they must be registered in the corresponding section (MiniAguilar) within the aforementioned platforms, with the previously established fees.

MiniAguilar will have two competition categories, where both Spanish and international productions will compete:

  • Short films for viewers of +3 years old.
  • Short films for viewers of +7 years old.

MiniAguilar will have its own Jury that will award the corresponding prizes independently from the rest of the sections. independiente al resto de las secciones.


Ríete tú es una competición internacional para cortometrajes donde prime la comedia y el humor, en cualquiera de sus variantes. Esta sección contará con un premio propio otorgado por el público asistente a estas sesiones.


El 36º Aguilar Film Festival 2024 completa su programación con una serie de secciones paralelas e informativas fuera de concurso.

5. Awards and Selection fee

All works, national and international, that have been selected in the following competitive sections will receive, as payment for selection, the amount of 200 euros (taxes included).

  • Official Competition
  • Castilla y León Competition

En el caso de los cortometrajes españoles será requisito para el abono del pago citado, la asistencia y participación en la sesión de proyección del trabajo seleccionado de persona o personas relacionadas directamente con el cortometraje (dirección, elenco, producción u otros admitidos por la dirección del festival). 

En el caso de que un cortometraje compita en más de una sección el pago por selección no será acumulable.

5.1. Official Competition Awards

The International Jury of the Official Competition will award the following prizes:

  • Gullón de Oro Cookie for the best Short Film of the Festival
  • Gullón de Oro Cookie for Best Spanish Short Film and preselection for the Goya Awards
  • Gullón de Oro Cookie for Best Animated Short Film
  • Golden Eagle for Best Director
  • Golden Eagle for Best Actor
  • Golden Eagle for Best Actress
  • Golden Eagle for Best Screenplay
  • Golden Eagle for Best Photography
  • Golden Eagle for Best Editing

The following prizes will also be awarded within the official section:

  • Audience Award: Águila de Oro for best short film
  • Young Jury Award: Águila de Oro for best short film
  • Senior Jury Award: Águila de Oro for best short film
  • Caimán Cuadernos de Cine Critics Award: Águila de Oro for the best Spanish short film
  • Asociación Mujeres Tejiendo Cambios Award: Águila de Oro for the best short film directed by a woman
  • Alerta Sonora Collective Award: Águila de Oro for the best original music
  • Red Cross Award: Águila de Oro to the short film that shows better social values

5.2. Castilla y León Award

  • Golden Eagle for Best Castilla y León Short Film
  • Águila de Oro al Mejor Director de Castilla y León
  • Águila de Oro al Mejor Guión de Castilla y León
  • Águila de Oro a la Mejor Interpretación de Castila y León
  • Águila de Oro a la Mejor Fotografía de Castilla y León
  • Águila de Oro al Mejor Montaje de Castilla y León
  • Premio del Público Castilla y León


MINIAGUILAR International Jury will award the following prizes:

  • Best Short Film LICINIA +3: 500 €
  • Best Short Film RENATO +7: 500 €

5.4. De Campo Award

  • Agolden Eagle for the Best Short Film De Campo Competition: 500 €

The decision of the Juries in each of the awards will be final.

Los galardonados se comprometen a que en posteriores proyecciones figure la mención del galardón recibido en el 36º Aguilar Film Festival.

5.5. Best Spanish Short Film and Preselection to Goya Awards

The Aguilar Film Festival collaborates with the Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences of Spain in the pre-selection of
candidates for the Goya Awards for Best Short Films.

The short film that wins the Best Spanish Short Film Award in the Official Selection will obtain a pre- selection for the Goya Awards, as long as it meets the requirements established in the bases of the Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences of Spain ( .

6. Acceptance of the regulations and Data Protection Law

Registration implies acceptance of these bases, as well as the decisions of the organization, selection committee and juries. Any issue not provided for in the bases will be resolved by the organization of the festival.

The organization reserves, exceptionally, the right to be able to admit works that do not meet some of the criteria detailed above.

The organization undertakes and obliges that the personal data belonging to the data file of the participants, will be treated in accordance with article 12 of Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, Protection of Personal Data (LOPD).